ß Nate Dray
Nate Dray

Drawings and sketches by scribbler Nate Dray. He likes things and is nice.

"Fox in Snow - John Pike Watercolor Study (copy)"
I love John Pike. The artist. Not the guy who pepper sprayed Occupy protesters at UC Davis. :)
"Mr. Wooster, Sir." - from "Watching TV and Still Drawing Drawings"
"Beren and Luthien - Parting at Dawn"
gouache on board, 16” x 20”
"…But as she looked on him, doom fell upon her, and she loved him; yet she slipped from his arms and vanished from his sight even as the day was breaking…"  - The Silmarillion
"Backlit Plants"
"Foxes and Wolfhound from Google"
"Autobiography - or ‘how I spent my summer holiday…’"
"Deadly Nightshade - Atropa Belladonna"
"Woody Nightshade"